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Friday, April 8, 2016

Let me count the ways

I was recently wondering why I seem to attract controlling people. The most obvious reason is that the Universe is trying to teach me something that I still have not learned. Yup that sounds about right.

There are probably as many ways to control someone as there are controllers and I have been in that group myself.

 My latest acquisition is my new massage therapist. I have had two sessions with her and it is a battle of energy. It is very difficult for me to relax and allow her to do what I am paying her to do. I finally realized the reason is that she is a very controlling person who reminds me of my deceased mother. When I share a thought with her she almost always chimes in with "that's wrong". I have decided that the only way I can continue to deal with her is to focus on relaxing while she is working on me and ignore everything else she is offering

In the past I have been married twice to men who have had negative addictions. They both chose to blame me for the direction their lives took. At the time I chose to take the blame.

 In the last few years I have attracted several people who appeared to be higher up on the educational scale than I am and I chose to allow them to make me feel stupid. None of them are now in my life because I no longer allow others to live my life for me.

The cream of the crop are those people who are great at manipulating. They have a tool box full of ideas to accomplish their task of trying to make me responsible for their problems. Well people I have enough problems of my own and I no longer have the time or energy to deal with yours.

I sincerely hope that I have finally learned enough and the Universe will stop knocking on my door and leaving me control freaks.

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