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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Perhaps the pain was worth it

I have more than once commented that my life sometimes feels like a smorgasbord of events. In just the last few years I have experienced and recovered from several medical problems that I never thought I would have. Most of my life has been very healthy. I don't mess with  the ordinary stuff I head straight for things like cancer. More than one medical person has made the comment, "you are very healthy". It always makes me laugh.

I really believe that when something unforeseen does happen to me I am supposed to share the experience to help others in a similar situation.  This happened today and it made me very happy to possibly give a friend a clue to share with a doctor of his choice. I really hope the information I shared will lead to the person being pain free and able to get on with his life.

I used to dislike the phrase, "if I could help just one person", but I believe I have changed my mind. There is nothing wrong with helping one person and perhaps I experienced the pain to do just that.

If so the pain was worth it.

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