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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fight or quietly walk away

I just saw a photo of Tom Cruise with boxing gloves on and the caption "fighting ex for custody of daughter because of Scientology". It sparked this blog post and a powerful quote I wrote years ago. It was, the loudest noise you can make is to quietly walk away".

After 78 years of fighting to be recognized I finally realize- what the hell am I doing? I am literally wearing myself out, that's what I am doing!

It all began with trying to please a controlling mother who never ever noticed what a special daughter she had. It is thirty years too late now, but if I had just quietly walked away and refused to play her game, I would have saved myself years of fighting an impossible battle with others who have tried to suck me into their beliefs and addictions.

Looking around at the people in my current life I can see that I am still fighting a battle with certain souls. Instead of simply being me I am trying to be the person they expect me to be. What a relief it is going to be to unhook from their expectations and quietly walk away.

The game is over.

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