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Sunday, December 2, 2012

These shoes were made for walking

Well, maybe the shoes weren't, but the feet that were inside were made for walking; and they have done just that for 27,375 days!

That's a lot of days to have filled with experiences. I'm not going to figure out the minutes because that would be plain scary!

Today I am not looking so much at the last 75 years since my current human arrival, I am focusing on the next 25, as I do expect to live to be a healthy 100. Why not? Things are just beginning to get interesting. I have finally decided that I am going to focus on everything that makes me happy and leave the rest,especially those negative people who try to bring me down to their level, behind to fend for themselves.  

So today on the first day of the rest of my life I am not wasting another minute on things that do not matter. As my friend, Paul Soluri, said as he stated his new life mission in his blog post, "I will be kind to myself. I will relax."

I will walk on in confidence with my head held high and a big smile on my face. So there world that is my new mission statement!


  1. Happy Birthday Barbara!!!! Big yay for your enthusiasm to live to 100 years old, I am with you in your goal, but so many I am finding out are afraid of this journey. Our lives seem to be a cycle of classrooms that contain knowledge and wisdom that enrich our souls. How glorious to be able to be a student through time into infinity just for the courage to be able to take one step past fear into a new doorway of the unknown, creative tuition!!!

    It has been my pleasure to be part of your journey watching you blossom out of your comfort zone gaining wisdom with every step you have taken. Happy Birthday my dear Friend! Today I celebrate you!

    Much Love and Admiration!!!

    1. Thank you so much my friend. Your support on my journey has been wonderful and I appreciate you very much!

      It makes me very sad when I run across older residents of this planet who have given up just because of their age.