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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The day before the last day

Another year is almost over and I have been thinking about all of the experiences that have come my way. This time last year I was having a serious reaction to an adrenal supplement that my chiropractor insisted I needed. She was out of town so I couldn't talk to her about the situation. Following my intuition and checking the product out online I stopped taking it and the symptoms ceased.

For the first six  months of the year I suffered from severe back pain, partly due to a previous injury. I tried many forms of holistic therapy until the day I said enough! I stopped everything and started believing in my own ability to heal. For the most part it has worked. Admittedly I do still have some days when my body decides to let me know it can still hurt if it chooses to. I hate to admit it, but I suppose this could have something to do with age!

Due to snow and ice build up the ceilings in both bathrooms suffered major damage, which was eventually repaired after I creatively scraped up enough money from various sources. Then my 35 year old furnace decided it was time to stop working in the middle of an extremely cold winter. Trying to keep from freezing for a couple of days without heat was an experience I choose not to ever repeat. I  quickly discovered new furnaces are not cheap. Although it drastically reduced my savings I chose to pay cash for it, rather than charge it.

In the spring came the giant weeds; the result of all that snow. Interestingly, when I began attacking the 3ft. high critters, my back problems gradually got better. The quote, "move it or loose it" did come to mind. Also because of the snow I had an enormous crop of apples this past fall. I hate wasting anything and it became quite a challenge to find recipients for the abundance. Again, picking them was another form of exercise. See how clever the universe is?

Mental exercise has come from the writing group I created back in November of 2011. We are still active and attracting new members and new ideas as we go along. Our newest project involves visiting with the residents at our local nursing home twice a month. We are benefiting from the experience as much as the residents are. I also have the opportunity to write an occasional article for our local newspaper on behalf of our group. Being a columnist has been a good fit, since my first experience back in 2000. Who knew? I certainly didn't! It eventually led to books and the blog you are reading.

On this day before the last day of 2012 I think the most important thing this year has taught me is I can do anything as long as I believe I can. My goal for 2013, some may call it a resolution, is to stop taking responsibility for the problems of everyone else. I know I can do it if I just believe I can. Watch me!

Happy New Year to you all!

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