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Monday, December 24, 2012

The best laid plans

Well, I did play hostess last night, but one of my invited guests was missing in action. My son never left Colorado due to a car problem that cannot be fixed until Wednesday. Just a little late for a six hour trip to New Mexico for Christmas. I am disappointed, but I am sure there is a very good reason this happened. Perhaps the expected snow between here and there would have caused him to have an accident if he had come. I will probably never know the reason that my best laid plans went astray, but I am trying really hard to accept what is.

I am happy that my dinner last night went very well. My grandson, who can sometimes be a picky eater, loved my green chile stew and had two helpings. My ex-husband liked my pie and took a piece home with him. We all had a quiet opportunity to exchange gifts. Colin was thrilled with the Air Hog I gave him. In case you are wondering it is a remote control car that can also fly. He gave me a beautiful Hallmark open heart necklace and was especially proud of the inspirational quote that came with it. It read: "Your love has made my world a beautiful place."

The best gift of all was when he asked if he could spend the day with me today as his parents were both working. Of course, I said yes. He had a fun day playing with my new dog Ejay. We even took him to the doggie park. He also brought his new flying car and learned how to make it work. It was a great day.

Even though things did not go exactly as I had planned them it has all worked out. There is also a possibility that my son will be able to come next weekend and spend New Years with me.

Just for fun here is the play dough creation my grandson came up with today. Tiny people riding on  ducks.

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