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Monday, March 1, 2010

God's Motivator

February brought several new friends into my world through Facebook. It is interesting that three of them are life coaches. Even more interesting is that I am not the least bit intimidated by the fact that they have a degree in their field. I have a degree in life. I feel perfectly comfortable contributing to their blogs and discussions.

One of the hurdles I had to deal with on my evolvement journey was to let people be. Maybe the reason I grew up to be a control freak was because I spent too many years as an active mother or because my first female role model was controlling. Whatever the reason, that was then and it is not who I am now. My new mantra is be whoever you are.

This blog is very fulfilling for me because it allows me to express my opinion on whatever subject I choose. I certainly have lived long enough to have an opinion. God has given me a smorgasbord of experiences from cancer to divorce and I am grateful for every one. To survive without anger is one of my biggest accomplishments.

I am officially retired, but if I had a job title it would be “God’s Motivator”. Sometimes I think of life as a campfire. If the ashes aren’t stirred up now and then the fire will die. I have concluded my job is to help stir. Although I am no longer willing to do another’s work for them, I am content inspiring them to take care of their own problems.


  1. Beautifully put... I really enjoy reading your blog and ideas...

  2. Thank you very much. I see Universal Soul is growing by leaps and bounds!

  3. I find it hard to believe that you ever felt intimidated by people! You must have done a complete 180 along the way. Strange to think that only now, after what you've been through, do you feel confidant in putting you .02 out there, regardless of who you're speaking or blogging with! Good for you. What a hurdle to jump (bad knee or not!)

  4. Thanks for your comments Sarah. Yep, most of my life I had 0 self confidence, which is no doubt why I made the bad decisions that I did. The knee only lasted one day thank God, but it gave me an inkling of the problems many people my age have on a regular basis. I am so grateful I am healthy!!