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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Faulty Connection Repaired

Isn’t it amazing what messages are out there just waiting for us to pick them up? Some float down like feathers and some pretty much have to hit us over the head. I almost had a feather in my teacup this morning, but I caught it just in time to pass it on to my universal family.

Shortly after filling my glass coffee pot with water and turning it on I noticed it was making some unusual sounds. It was bubbling and spitting and carrying on like an angelic celebration was going on. I listened for awhile and then saw that water was seeping out from the vessel below.

I cleaned up the mess, and when I turned the vessel over I saw there was a thin crack in the bottom. Stop for enlightened lesson here: Having just returned from the 3:33 adventure I also saw the crack reminded me of the “invisible” line down the human heart, (creating two halves one male one female) The most important fact about this division is that it was created with a tiny hole at the bottom to allow love to flow onto all of creation. Some Indian tribes leave an intentional flaw in their rugs for the same purpose.

Now back to my cracked pot. I just happened to have an old vessel in my cupboard because I seldom throw anything useful out. I set it on the unit and tried again. A little water entered the vessel, but it was apparent there was still something wrong. Since I have a reputation for “never giving up” I started to investigate. So if I’m putting water in the top and I have a bottom without a crack in it why in the world am I not getting enough water to even make a cup tea?

Then the light came on, it was a faulty connection between the “head” and the “body” causing it to be plugged. It didn’t take much to remove the plug and repair the problem. Now everything is working just as it is supposed to and all is well with my world, as I sit here sharing my experience and sipping my delicious cup of green tea.

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