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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life in a Nutshell

I was born in Ketchikan, Alaska when it was still a U.S. territory, moved via ship to Tacoma, WA at age two. I also lived in Olympia and Shelton, WA and from Jr. High age to about 30 in Seattle, WA. During this time I graduated from high school, married and had two sons. When my youngest was 4 mos. old we moved to California. When my sons were five and ten I divorced my husband, a “career womanizer”.

Believing my children needed a father I quickly married again. We moved to New Mexico in 1976, and I gave birth to our daughter in 1979. After a twenty-seven year relationship my husband, a “career alcoholic”, and I mutually divorced.

The last 11 years have been spent discovering who I am in addition to being a mother. I found a generous, compassionate, honest, intelligent being who is a spiritual warrior. Most people only believe what they can see; a spiritual warrior also accepts the ethereal. I have never been happier and can hardly wait to see what happens next in my personal book of life.

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