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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Have You Done Enough?

In recent years many souls I have known have gone home to reflect on the human life they lived. Some were young, some old, some endured life long illnesses and some were taken with no warning that it was their last day on earth. The soul that made the biggest impression on me was a little boy who knew he was dying of cancer. He did not fear death. His only question was “Have I done enough?’

Maybe it is a question we should all ask of our self. Have we done everything we could to leave the earth better off? Have we taken every opportunity offered to shape our children, be a friend, use our God given talents, learn every lesson and spread universal love to everyone we meet?

If you are alive you still have time to do more so that the picture you are reflecting on at the end of your journey will cause your soul to fill with pride; knowing that you truly did enough.


  1. This reminds me so much of the ideas I've been having and what inspired my post from today. The question "Have I done enough?" begs a lot of us. By the way, thank you for including me on your blog list. :)

  2. Very thoughtful post today, Barbara. A wonderful reminder to all of us...out of the "mouths of babes" we learn so much. The sweet little boy speaks to the genuine innocence that resides in all of us, we just have to remember to listen....thank you, friend.

  3. I will not have done enough till I am no longer breathing. If you want to know if your job is finished, look and see if you are still here.
    excellent blog Barbara!

  4. Thank you ladies, I am truly grateful for your comments for it is the only way I know that anyone is hearing me.