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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Looking for Love

Before I went to sleep last night I had a one way conversation with God. I asked to be able to understand why I have yet to find the companion I have been praying for? When I woke this morning the answer was crystal clear and wiped out any negative thoughts I had conjured up, including that I am being punished for past actions.

Shortly after my divorce, 11 years ago, a male friend told me I needed to learn how to take care of myself before adding anyone new to my life. A female friend also stated we can’t love anyone else until we love our self. Perhaps the advice was a prophecy from above passed on to guide me on my journey.

This morning I finally understood why God has so far refused to give me what I have been praying for. I clearly see that until I learned to take care of my own problems, material and psychological, and learned to love myself there was no point in giving me what I was asking for. I would have simply repeated my past once again.

Instead of being angry I am grateful. I have worked hard to accomplish what was asked of me. I believe I have done my part and eagerly await the companion I have been expecting for so long. Perhaps he is just around the next corner.


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