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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mini Vacation

Today started at 2:00AM when I stretched, heard a pop and pulled something in my leg. I soon discovered I was in a great deal of pain and could not straighten my knee. I finally got up and tried to walk. That was a joke! I hobbled around the house grabbing whatever I could for balance. I made a cup of green tea and put an ice pack on my knee. Later I massaged the area with muscle rub. I was determined to take a pain pill only as a last resort. I detest taking pills.

After a couple of hours my efforts seemed to help some so I went back to bed. Before I fell asleep I thought about what this experience was trying to tell me. I have learned there is always a lesson.

As I tried to relax I thought about a deceased friend who had lost a leg to diabetes and how difficult the simplest task must have been for her. I thought about the fact that because I live alone I really have no help when something like this happens. Instead of getting upset about the situation I gave myself a pat on the back, acknowledging that I can take care of my own problems.

When I woke up I noticed it was snowing and even though my leg was actually better I decided to take a “snow” day and pamper myself. Hopefully tomorrow I can walk normally again. Sometimes doing nothing is the best medicine.

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