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Friday, October 14, 2016

Perception changes everything

On August 15, 2016 I took a photograph of the mesa above my property. The scene attracted me because the sun was lighting it up so brightly it was almost asking me to take the picture. I did and this is how I was rewarded.

Like many of the photographs I take I did not see what was really there until it was developed. Then I noticed the many sets of eyes looking back at me, especially those on the right side of the picture. Enlarging it will aid the reader in seeing what I saw.

My first reaction was, the spirits were telling me I was being watched. It made me a little nervous because of a promise I made to them several years ago to help spread the word that they are real. I know from experience that they are and that they want me to assure people that we never die. The soul simply leaves the body behind and moves on to another assignment. I feel this particular picture is important, but this morning I realized I may have been a bit off in my perception of its meaning.

Several things have happened in my life since I took this picture two months ago, including the death of a family member. I also went through a brief period of trying to keep my blood pressure under control. I felt like I was carrying around energy that was not mine. Taking the blame for the problems of others is something I have been trying hard to stop doing, reminding myself that I am only responsible for me.

This morning I changed my perception of the eyes in the spirit photo. Instead of believing that they are watching me (judging my actions) they are assuring me that they are helping me stay on my path. And when I stay on my path I am also helping them and keeping my promise.

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