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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I voted big deal

I had thought of not even bothering to vote this year as I am so sick of this whole thing. For the last week I have been deleting anything to do with the election on Facebook. Yesterday I was in the County Complex building and noticed that early voting had been set up. I voted!

I had no intention of standing in line to cast my vote in November so this was the best option. As I looked over the ballot I noticed that there were several names for president, two of which I don't recall ever hearing before. Knowing my vote was a protest vote I skipped the first two names. I'm sure my vote isn't going to count for anything, except I did vote!

Another thing that did bother me was that a couple of other positions had only one name. Those names have been on the ballot for years and I really didn't want to vote for them again. When there is no opponent you have no choice.

I'm not happy, but I did vote!

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