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Thursday, October 6, 2016

No place like home

Wow as I look around at the weather conditions in other parts of the country I am again grateful that I landed in the little old town of Grants, New Mexico. When compared to what some of my friends are dealing with our weather conditions are ideal.

A week or so ago we did turn on the furnace because it is getting a little chilly in the morning. After an hour or so I turn the thermostat down so it will shut off. By afternoon the outside temperature is quite warm. The wind does act up now and then, but that's about it.

The last time we had weather that made the news was about 2011. We were covered in several feet of snow that kept melting and refreezing. It was difficult to drive anywhere. It taught me to always have cat and dog food and toilet paper in abundance during the winter months. It was sort of like practicing to be Mormon without having to deal with their rules etc.! It was also a good thing that I grew up knowing how to stretch food.

Grants is a great little town to live in and I am not sure I would want to live anywhere else. In addition to our weather being very calm I feel it offers a great deal of spiritual energy, available to anyone willing to notice.

Although the area is mostly Native American and Spanish I have been able to put my foot in the door and make a name for myself. Several years ago I was asked to write the column, Who We Are, for the Cibola Beacon, because the editor thought I knew everyone in town. Well, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. Mention my name and someone probably knows who I am, or thinks they do! When a life is spent volunteering some people notice.

I am really getting excited that Rocky's on Route 66 is giving me an opportunity to share my spirit photographs with the community on the evening of October 20, 2016. It will be interesting to see what happens as I offer yet another part of my life to my adopted home town of Grants, New Mexico.



  1. I've never had that feeling of being in a place I could call home so I don't really know what it's like to come home from someplace and feel at home. Now I just call the planet my home and that allows me to be comfortable, at home, everywhere I am, no matter *where* I am!

    ...and here's a serendipity for you! It truly is a very small world. A couple of weeks ago, I was having coffee in San Francisco with a relatively-new-to-me PNW friend (we were in the area at the same time so thought we'd get together for a bit) and in our chatting over our espressos, I discovered that her mother lives in Grants, NM! Life is very strange sometimes, isn’t it?

    1. Yes it is. I didn't really have a home town growing up. I lived in several Washington state towns, graduating from high school in Seattle. On to California and finally New Mexico since 1976.So I have lived here longer than anywhere.
      P.S. message me the mother's name perhaps I know her.

    2. Wow, that's 40 years in one place! I'm impressed! I won't ever be able to make that claim. That is, unless I live to be 104 and find a place today.

      I don't know the mom's name, Barbara, but if I find out, I'll sure let you know :D