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Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Look in the Mirror

I just finished reading a Kindle book that I want to give a thumbs up to. It is Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale. Every once in a while a book pops up that I know I am supposed to read because it has a message meant for me between its covers. I don't mean to suggest it was written for me but I am supposed to read the book. Hopefully I get the message.

This book is about a young woman looking for someone who technically no longer exists. While looking she found herself and as a bonus,  the love of her life.

I have been searching all of my adult life for what she found in Ian, the main male character in the book. He is creative, sees the person inside, is patient, fair, loving, loyal, caring, and accepting of spiritual concepts some people have trouble believing.

As I wrote his traits down this morning I realized I was seeing myself and I thought, this is really strange. I know it is not how some people see me, but that doesn't matter. They have not taken the time to see the person inside. Too bad for them!

All I have to do to find the person I have been seeking is look in my mirror. If someday I find a perfect soulmate, as Aimee did in the book, it will be a huge bonus and a grateful surprise.

An added observation to this experience is that if you change one letter in Ian's name it spells I am.

Alright perhaps I'm still working on patience!

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