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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where did THAT come from?

For almost a year I have been making and donating baby caps for the newborns at our local hospital. I've lost count of how many dozens that is. It's fun and the thought that every baby born in Cibola County will wear one of my creations makes me happy. The OB director told me when I dropped off the last batch that they have a little backlog. So I decided now is a good time to take a break and use my talent for something else.
My mind went back to a yellow shawl I made for my grandmother in the last year of her life, for no other reason than I thought it would make her happy. I remember hearing that when my mother visited her and saw it her reaction was, "Where did THAT come from?" My grandfather told her that I had made it.

That memory guided me to locate a crochet pattern for a wheelchair lap robe to make and give to my ex-husband. It seems like a perfect gift for his upcoming birthday or possibly sooner. Before too long the weather will turn colder and he goes for dialysis three times a week. The pattern I found is an easy one. I can't help picturing our daughter's reaction when she sees it. It makes me smile because it will probably be exactly like my mothers was, Where did THAT come from?

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