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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Second thoughts

Our Walmart store has a depleted yarn section. It used to contain a nice fabric and craft section until the powers in charge decided that our little town had no use for such things. Where they got their information I have no idea. It was the only place in town to make these purchases and we have tons of craft people who live here. The closest towns are almost 100 miles away.

I did find enough yarn to make the wheelchair lap robe I shared in my previous post. In the meantime I ordered a couple of skeins online that I thought would be masculine colors. Perhaps I could donate the one I liked the least to the nursing home. Surely there is someone who could use the gift. Online the colors looked nice and it was called Painted Desert, perfect for a Native American who is a resident of the nursing home.

While I waited for USPS to deliver my order I went ahead and finished the original robe. It turned out nice and the colors seemed suitable for my ex- husband. While I was waiting I also completed three more baby caps for the hospital. What is that saying about idle hands being the devil's work? Not these hands!

In case you've lost count, that's one lap robe and three baby caps this week. I was tending to really like the robe I  had finished, but was reserving judgement for the yarn I was waiting for, which I thought was my first choice.

It came today and my opinion is yuck! It looks nothing like what I ordered. It does look like something an older resident might like though. I started another lap robe and this one for sure will be donated to the facility.

When things don't work out as originally planned second thoughts are sometimes helpful.

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