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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beginnings and endings

Today is July 1st and it is a very important beginning in my life. It is the day my new health insurance starts. I am now totally covered for anything the universe may decide to throw at me. I have not had anything even close to that since July of 1999 when my husband of 27 years and I were officially uncoupled with the rap of a gavel. Like a cherry on top of a delicious sundae, my current credit rating is also excellent; a fantastic achievement for someone living on Social Security.

To me these facts represent my final act of declaring to the universe that the only human I am now responsible for is me and I am doing a damn good job!

In looking back I see the month of July has brought about many beginnings and endings in my life. In 1959 my first husband and I were married, in 1984 my maternal grandmother died, in 1987 my mother died, in 1999 my second husband and I were divorced, and now comes 2015, marking what I consider another big change in my life.

My intuition is telling me that this July will offer an abundance of positive changes for me, as it also means that I only have six months left to finish another seven year life cycle. Time after time I have been given experiences that test my strength and faith. Although I felt I was alone most of the time, each struggle was simply meant to show me that I have the power inside to handle anything and not only survive but thrive.

So today I am celebrating my independence by having lunch with a new friend who just retired and is enjoying the beginning of her new life. I know she is a soul who was sent to make sure I do not stray from my current path.

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