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Friday, July 10, 2015

Just write

My life is getting ready to change once again and I have been mentally preparing for the event. Many of you know that I will no doubt have hip replacement surgery in the near future. It is not something I am looking forward to, but it looks as if a magic fairy is not going to make the pain go away. I was really counting on that too!

I have been trying to get things done around the house so that I do not come home to a jungle of weeds or a little disaster like my current leaking roof, which is now being repaired. I have been given one of the top five orthopedic surgeons in New Mexico so the surgery isn't really bothering me that much. Not that it is something I want to do on a regular basis. What is bothering me is the recovery.

That isn't really up to the doctor it is up to me. How much time and effort I desire to spend on recovery is my choice. Do I want to be incapacitated for the rest of my life? Absolutely not! I want to heal and literally get back on my feet just as soon as possible. Whether I will be in a rehabilitation facility or at home accessing therapy we have locally is yet to be decided.

When I first started thinking about that choice I really felt I would rather be at home. Then I decided I was looking at the situation all wrong. I think it rose from my former life as a control freak! I mean, who would take care of things if I was away from home for a couple of weeks? I have two cats and a dog and stuff that needs attention. Gee, perhaps my son, who has been living with me for the past year, could take my place when he gets home from work. It isn't that he isn't capable, it's just that I never ask him to do much around the house. There seems to be a faulty connection there somewhere.

Readjusting my thought waves I decided to think of a possible stay away from home as a vacation. I would have nothing to do except focus on recovering; no cooking no housework etc. It was 1987 when I last had a vacation, sort of. Have you noticed that mothers don't actually take vacations, they just move their duties from one place to another, plus packing and unpacking and washing the clothes before and after?

Now that my mind has been readjusted I have a more relaxed view of my pending experience. I know I will be bored having to give up my computer and especially Facebook and I can't afford a laptop just now. Perhaps that's a good thing though. Just maybe my friends who are busy with their own lives will eventually wonder where I am. I know it is true that we often don't appreciate things/people until we no longer have them. Could work!

I have been reading Kindle books for some time on my PC and I suppose I could purchase a Kindle reader to continue to do that. I have found I really enjoy checking into other author's minds through the written word.

I would have to give up writing this blog for a while. Needing to find a more primitive method of writing, I purchased two writing tablets at the dollar store, each containing 100 pages. Funny thing is I keep staring at these empty pages and asking myself, how do I start and what am I going to write?

That question reminded me of the first post I wrote for this blog back in November 2009. My daughter, who was helping me set it up, prompted, write something. It also reminds me of the first day of this year's Children's Writing Camp and the advice I gave our students. That was, if you are going to be a writer the first thing you need to do is just write.

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