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Monday, July 13, 2015

Water water everywhere

Somebody turned on the universal faucet and the rain just keeps coming down. It doesn't rain all day, but starts about the time people are heading home from work. I'm sure it makes driving a joy. My son works at the women's prison, a short distance from the house. Ordinarily that would be great, except for yesterday. The road in front of the prison has been torn up due to construction of the new mid school in the area, leaving huge holes in the road. So much rain came down last evening that it covered the holes and made the road a giant lake so he couldn't see them.

We had dinner by candlelight last night because the electricity kept going out.

On another note my bathroom ceiling has been leaking every night since the water began coming down. I have someone trying to fix the problem, but he has a full time day job. By the time he gets off work the rain has started again. Every morning I wake up to a bucket filled with water from the drips.

We have been trying to catch up with the weeds, but that isn't working out well either. My son purchased a weed wacker and made a good start a couple days ago. Because the rain comes down in buckets about the time he gets off work he hasn't made much progress since then.

One good thing, I don't need to go to the car wash. My vehickle gets a free cleaning every night thanks to the water that is everywhere.

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