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Friday, July 3, 2015

I am ready

Today I saw a quote that I really like. “Tell the Universe you are ready to release your struggle and the Universe and you will create a way."

Could it really be that simple I wondered?

I have been in physical and emotional pain for several years and I am ready for it to stop. I was not born to be a victim; even though that’s the role I have been playing lately. I may have been born blonde, but I am by no means stupid.

There have been many people that I have allowed to run my life for me because I was convinced that they are tuned into Universal power that is only given to a certain few. That reminds me of a question a priest once asked me, “Is anyone holier than anyone else?”

My gut answer was no.

Today there are many souls out there practicing all kinds of spiritual games and it is easy to be convinced that they have a direct path to the source of all wisdom. I have news, we all do. The problem is we just don’t remember. Over time we have been beaten down by experiences to believe that we are less than.

Lately I have been observing with interest a man who has tons of followers and sends short videos out on Facebook. Every time I view one I think, what he is putting out there is simply common sense. He isn’t any smarter than I am. The difference is, he paid money to be able to proclaim himself a leader, and charge people to follow him.

What this all boils down to is I’m going to give this idea a try and see what happens. Are you ready Universe, because I am ready to release my struggle!

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