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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Give Jesus a break

Ever day I read prayers etc. on Facebook from people begging Jesus for help and it is beginning to make me very angry.

In my opinion: Jesus was not sent to earth to do anything except teach us how to live, love and die.

I believe we all have within us the power to do anything we want to do. It simply requires faith in ourselves. Jesus became man because people could not see god the father. That doesn't surprise me as god the father has no body to see.

Glenda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz hit the nail on the head, "You have always had the power my dear".

We just need to wake up and use that God given power we were born with instead of waiting around for Jesus to do things for us.

Oh and while I am on the subject; I believe Jesus is my brother, not my father. We all came from the same source.

I do believe it is perfectly fine and often advisable to ask for guidance from whatever source you believe in, but do the work yourself and give Jesus a break.

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