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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why do it?

I have been writing posts for this blog since November 2009. There have been times when I was almost ready to stop, but something always pushed me to continue no matter what. I used to really dislike the saying, "if I only helped one person it was worth it". With billions of people living on this planet one seems pretty pathetic, but what if that one person was the soul I was sent here to inspire by honestly sharing an experience? That makes the number one pretty darn special.

Since I began writing way back in 2000 or so I have lost track of the reams of paper I have used. Thank goodness I opted to learn how to use a computer. Look at all the trees I have saved on my journey to be a motivational writer. I did not grow up in the electronic age and the struggle to grasp new concepts(at least to me) has not always been easy. When I have had a problem I looked around to find a person more knowledgeable and that person always seemed to pop up.

When I stopped being concerned about people who were offended by what I wrote I realized freedom. I no longer give a rat's ass what other people think. This is my life and I am the only one who knows what my experiences mean to me. If sharing them can help someone else feel that they are not alone in their struggles then I am going to keep doing what I was sent to earth to do.

A couple of years ago someone asked me why I wrote. Without giving the question much thought I quickly answered, "for me". Today I have changed my mind because of a post that appeared on Facebook this morning. The following is that post and the reason that I would now answer the question, "to help and inspire others by honestly sharing my experiences".

The following is that post, which I have now printed and added to my collection of Inspirational Stuff.

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