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Monday, September 30, 2013

What's wrong with today's kids?

I have worked as a supervisor at our family center for about a month and I am asking what is wrong with today's kids? Perhaps the better question is what is wrong with their parents? The younger kids are fun to be around and are responsive to learning new things. What happens to them between first and sixth grade I have no clue. Some of them turn into smart mouth brats who have no clue what the word respect means. A couple of these charming individuals will, I am sure, be featured on the front page of our local paper in the not too distant future, and not in a good way. They are so full of negative energy it is just plain scary. I have had a good deal of experience with children of all ages through the years and raised three of my own, but I have never had to deal with kids like this. I wouldn't want to be a school teacher today for any amount of money. I had a parent who witnessed the behavior of one of my charges last week. Her response was, "If my daughter ever talks to you that way I want you to call me!" Thank goodness there is at least one parent in the group who cares how her child acts! Apparently this is an experience I am supposed to have or I wouldn't be having it, besides I need the money.

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