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Monday, October 7, 2013

Can you hear me now?

About three weeks ago, following my intuition, I decided to take advantage of a free hearing test offered by Livingston Hearing Center, which has an office in my town. I already knew that I had some hearing loss, but was not prepared to discover just how much. One thing led to another and I ordered hearing aids. Apparently everything happens for a reason. My hearing problem had become more obvious due to my new job at our family center, supervising children. I had no idea what some of them were saying. Interestingly, this job is going to provide the extra income I need to pay the bill in a relatively short time, resulting in no finance charges. Yay! Getting used to the device has not been as difficult as I feared it would be. It is funny the things I can now hear. One of the things I am most happy about is hearing what my grandson is trying to tell me, without asking him to repeat over and over. Of course there is the possibility that I was better off not knowing what he was saying! I have discovered kids today make up a lot. That is not the same as lying; they just have great imaginations.

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