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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Did I really win?

A couple of weeks ago I entered a photo contest sponsored by our local Cibola General Hospital. The assignment was to take a fall photo. I had a beautiful photo I had taken of aspen on Mt.Taylor so I decided why not? Here's a peek at my entry. Last week a hospital representative called to inform me that since mine was the only entry they had decided to use it. The prize is- the winning photo will be featured on the cover of Cibola Healthy Horizons, which has a large circulation. The rep had a small problem when she tried to stretch my photo to fit the allotted space. She said it looked grainy and asked if I had one with a better resolution. Well not really- this is it! Even though I technically won, sort of kind of, I have no idea if the photo will even be used. At this moment I don't really care and I am asking myself did I really win? Below is a mate to the "winning" photo that I took on the same day, also aspen on Mt. Taylor.

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