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Thursday, June 28, 2012

On the road to change

If you are interested you are welcome to follow along on my journey to good health. If you get bored simply find someone else to follow or better yet find your own road.

My physical pain is decreasing as the days roll on. The last couple of days it has been hanging around to finish teaching the lesson it was manifested to bring to me. Remember I said it was a red flag meant to force me to focus on myself. When red flags come in the form of PAIN that can not be silenced with medication it is hard to ignore them.

This morning I woke with so little pain I thought my mind was in the wrong body. I looked in my mirror and confirmed  yep it was me alright. After breakfast I dressed and got ready to go to our family center to walk. I hadn't done much of that lately because it was painful. It was highly suggested by my current healer in chief, James, that I just do it. Easy for him to say!

As soon as I sat down in my car the familiar joint pain raised its ugly head. My first reaction was, "Stop it I don't deserve this!"

Then I got angry and noticed that I had tensed all the muscles from my left foot to my rib cage, holding my breath in rage. Of course, the pain got worse until I let go and started breathing. Yesterday I had found a small pillow just the right size and shape to place behind my upper rib cage while driving. After I put it in place the pain lessened. I then did drive to the center and walked for about 20 minutes. I have decided that every minute I  walk is better than not walking at all. There is no need to compare it to what I was able to walk say 3 weeks ago. The situation is not the same.

I do know that what you resist persists, but knowing something and applying it to my life are two different things. Later this morning I started thinking about that simple statement. Another thing James suggested was to look for psychological patterns that come up. Good advice James. Every time I have pain I get angry and start thinking about all the money I have spent in recent months trying to find the cause and eliminate the pain. What happens? The pain gets worse.

Wait a minute here another thought just popped up out of the blue. Does that have something to do with a life time of control issues? I'll bet it does. When things don't go as I think they should I get angry. If I could just learn to accept that this is the way it is this moment on this day and do whatever I can to make it better, there is a really good chance that there would be no further need for the pain.

This is today's realization on my road to healing. My next stop today is my acupuncturist, Elene, who is second in line, right below the chief healer, on my journey.


  1. Barbara,

    All you wrote about is related to 2nd chakra problems/imbalances.

    The color orange is connected to the 2nd chakra for healing.

    Surround yourself in orange while you meditate in releasing all you spoke of in your post that has assisted in blockages of your second chakra.

    I recall when I was having money concerns and other 2nd chakra associations,many years ago, my lower back was in perpetual pain.

    Funny thing, I love the color orange...hahaha!

    It is a process to release the emotions that have caused these blockages.

    Sending you many prayers of healing and release dear Barbara.


    1. I already know it is the 2nd chakra, among other things, but thanks for your observation Maria.