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Friday, June 15, 2012

I have people

My regular readers have no doubt noticed an absence in my writing. I have been dealing with some serious pain that has made it impossible to focus on writing. This is the second time in my adult life when after I have asked to be led to someone that can help it has happened. Now I have people who are working together to find the underlying cause of my pain and erase it. Yay for my people!

I have my wonderful Natural Therapeutic Specialist (massage therapist) Lisa, my acupuncturist Elene and recently added,  James whose specialty is his program Pattern Release Energetics. The last two I actually met in 2000 under completely different circumstances. Apparently there was a whole lot of spiritual learning I needed to do before their universal gifts would benefit me. Back then I probably could not have accepted healing based on energy. I certainly would not have bought the idea of distance healing.

One of my gifts is the ability to coordinate, which I am using to keep my people informed with what they each have found and are doing and of course, my reactions to the whole picture. We are making progress. Although my pain is still present it is much better and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am trying not to feel like a lab rat that the universe has been playing games with, but sometimes that thought does briefly pop into my mind. Oh well I am here to serve.

Today's post is not an excuse for my absence or a plea for sympathy. It is simply an effort to get you up to date. Now that I have people working together to bring back the healthy person I am meant to be I am sure I will be writing more often.


  1. You have people in the Universe that are all wishing wellness for you...that is a whole lot of positive energy hiching a ride on a breeze to get to you!

    1. ...and you have people focusing on your broken foot. Take care of yourself!