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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Happy Father's Day

Well dad it has been 45 years since you left earth this time around. A lot has happened in my life since then.  It is sad that because you chose to marry a woman who definitely dominated your marriage your role as a parent was somewhat diminished. Everything happens for a reason and I guess that was just the way it was supposed to be.

The nicest memory I have of you occurred when I was around six. We had just been informed that I was going to have mastoid surgery to take care of an ear infection I had been induing for several days. I was allowed to stay home until midnight before being admitted to the hospital. Being the cook in the family you told me I could have anything I wanted for dinner. I chose my very favorite,  small fried fish called smelt, which I loved. I don't remember what kind of food I had in the hospital, but I still remember my last meal.

Other memories are of the doll house you constructed for me one Christmas, brushing my hair and the time I had a bad sunburn and you lovingly applied lotion to my back. The funniest memory I have is when you jumped off the diving board at the lake and our cocker spaniel Skippy, named because he resembled peanut butter, jumped off right behind you. As the years moved on you were the one who came to my house and taught me how to cook my first turkey. That could have been to prevent guests from getting sick!

It is unfortunate that as we get older our memories both good and bad fade and get distorted. I am sure you did many nice things for me while you were alive I just don't remember them; partly because negative memories tend to take up their space.

So on this special day I wish you a Happy Father's Day, wherever you are.

Barbara Loure`

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  1. Oh, how precious is this post Barbara!
    Your Dad is smiling big as he sends all of his love to you today!