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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rent a mate

Sometimes the funniest things someone shares turn out to be a wonderful idea. That happened to me as I was painfully placed on my chiropractor's table this morning. I had pains in places that usually do not  cause discomfort. It was no doubt a combination of painting snow damaged ceilings in my house and spring yard work.

Rose commented, "Whatever you have been doing stop doing it!"

"Well", I answered "As you know I live alone and don't have any help. If I want to keep my house and yard up I have to do it myself."

She said,  "When my sister and I lived together we had a friend who was married and we rented her husband when we needed something done around the house."

"What a great idea!"

"You could start something like that."

"I could and just might, I love new ideas!"

I know many women in my age bracket who are in the same situation. For one reason or another we are all responsible for the upkeep of our homes. I even have some friends whose husbands are not in good health and are physically unable to work around the house. In addition most of these people fall into the category of trying to survive on Social Security. It is not a pleasant picture.

There are also many retired men out there with ordinary skills needed to keep up a house and yard. In addition to their knowledge they often come with their own tools, two things women do not usually possess. Following my divorce in 1999 I asked for and was awarded the house and my husband kept his tools. Not a perfect picture. At the time I didn't realize stuff was going to happen, mostly due to age, mine and the house and yard.

I have been thinking about this idea of somehow getting the two groups together. It would be great if no money was needed for the deal as neither the males or the females have much to spare. I have always been intrigued by the old barter system. It works in other countries. Generally speaking women have skills too, left over from years of housekeeping, sewing, shopping and cooking for their families.

Perhaps my chiropractor gave me the seed of an idea that just needs a little more development. I wonder what a business that doesn't need money to operate and is called "Rent a Mate" would attract? In some circles I suppose it could even be against the law, but maybe it is worth a try!


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