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Thursday, May 3, 2012

No thing lasts forever

This is a post script to what I wrote earlier today regarding a funeral. When I left off I stated that I did not go to the cemetery, but planned to visit later in the day for a private goodbye. After coming home, changing to more casual clothes and doing a couple of loads of laundry I did make a trip to our small cemetery. I figured it would be easy to spot a freshly covered grave. New flower arrangements should give it away.

To my surprise, after taking a tour of the grounds I could not find the grave. Feeling just a little stupid and thinking I should have joined the funeral procession when I had a chance. I could almost feel the energy of a spirit laughing at my choice. After awhile I just gave up and changed my direction, deciding to stop by the grave of a young woman I had visited often since her death in 2001.

I walked back and forth where her grave should have been and could not find it. By this time I am thinking, is this some kind of joke? Have the spirits decided to gang up on me? Now I was feeling really stupid and decided to give up my search.

On the walk back to my car I silently asked, "Alright what are you attempting to teach me his time Almighty One?"

The answer came immediately. After all May 3 is the National Day of Prayer according to the minister who conducted the funeral service I had attended earlier.

"No thing lasts forever so you had better appreciate what you have when you have it or it could be gone in the blink of an eye."

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