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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Step by step

In 1999 a new friend loaned me his copy of Richard Bach's, Illusions. I was told it was the story of a Reluctant Messiah. Today I am wondering why he chose to give this particular book to me.  I had no desire to be a messiah. What in the heck is a messiah anyway?  I suppose in the simplest terms it is a leader. In any case this book opened up a brand new path for me to walk on- step by step.

Bach's unique spiritual perception and unusual writing style immediately captured my attention.Without his knowledge he became my mentor. His example taught me to never be afraid to express what is on my mind and to learn to write from my heart. It didn't matter what anyone else thought because I was not writing for unbelievers. I gradually grew to accept the fact that I had a message to share and would be given the means to accomplish my mission. All I had to do was take every opportunity that came along- step by step.

Thirteen years after reading Illusions I am very proud of my accomplishments. It doesn't mean I am a better writer than anyone else; it simply means I willingly followed the real Messiah and in doing so I also became a leader for others to follow.

Even though I am a published author, former columnist and blogger, forming my writing group "Write On People" in November 2011 is what I am most proud of. Yesterday a friend made the observation that other people have tried to start writing groups that have failed, but ours is succeeding. I began to think about why that is.

Perhaps it is because we truly enjoy each others company and we respect the diversity and talents of the other members. We are just a little offbeat just like Richard Bach's books. We like to write for fun and definitely are not stuffy!  I am proud that I am leading the group in new directions away from their individual comfort zones- step by step.

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