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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trials, tribulations and tests

Yay I passed  the most recent test the Universe prepared for me and most important of all I had a ball doing it. Now I am free to finally move on unencumbered by the negative memories and experiences from my past. It's over I'm done and I am grateful to all of the souls involved for helping me hang in there and never giving up.

Yesterday someone quite unexpectedly reentered my life after an absence of twelve years. There was a time when I spent many hours praying, alright even begging the powers that be that he and I would connect. I admittedly harassed this person for years in every way my creative brain could think of. I like to think it was repayment for the miserable way he had treated me for many months, just because he could. Of course, that could be my ego speaking.  In reality, by remaining silent and out of touch, this person allowed me to do what I did and never ever lifted a finger to stop me.

This person called me yesterday to ask about my creative writing group, as he fancies himself to be a writer. Until we started talking he was not aware of who was on the other end of the line. When I informed him of who he had reached he didn't react, but asked how I was. I was trying not to laugh because I could clearly see the creator's hand holding the line together with the touch of a finger. I believe I even heard a chuckle that did not belong to me.

This morning this man did come to our group meeting as he said he would. The morning had started out as a challenge after receiving emails that two regular members whom I depend on would not be attending for personal reasons. I was also expecting a new female who wanted to check us out. I pride myself on being well prepared for our meetings, but this morning I felt I was on God's list to see just how far I could be pushed without cracking. The words to a poem, "If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs, you'll be a man my son" kept running through my head. Again I could swear I heard a chuckle.

The time came for the meeting and guess who was waiting for me in the hall. Yup the man in question himself. I took one look and basically was unimpressed. Considering the many challenges I had been given in the last 24 hours I believe I conducted myself in a professional manner throughout the meeting. I remained in charge. When I noticed I was nervous I quietly reminded myself to just breath.

To sum up the man's behavior he is one of the most egotistical beings ever put on this earth and I wonder what I ever saw in him. Apparently I have grown and he hasn't. On my way home I silently thanked the Universe for not giving me what I so desperately thought I needed all those years ago.

I admit I was wrong back then, but I am pretty sure I passed your test today. As a bonus I am grateful that there is no left over anger in sight. 


  1. How wonderful Barbara that you passed the universal test!

    How proud you must be and most importantly released and full of wisdom!

    Doesn't just feel sooo good!?

    I love how life comes full circle when we are ready to receive!