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Saturday, April 7, 2012

I have people

I had to laugh yesterday when I noticed the Cibola County Beacon published the article I had written without editing and also gave me credit as a "contributing columnist". I haven't been a columnist for the Beacon since about 2004, when I decided to move on and write books. A lot has happened during those years to convince me that I do have talent. The funny part to me was that it was not my desire to have my name appear so visibly above this article. That was the editor's decision. I was simply writing it on behalf of a group of like minded people.

It made me realize that my desire to form this group in the first place had nothing to do with promoting me or my writing gift as an individual. It had everything to do with inspiring people to work together to make a difference and to draw out the unique talent that each soul has to contribute. Working together I know that we will be able to inspire others to do the same.

I believe this is a lesson that I have been attempting to learn forever. I have always taken on too much and not allowed others to do their part. I raised three children pretty much alone because their fathers were otherwise occupied. If I had backed off and insisted on help I might not have ended up so bitter. As a result, two of them believe that I am negative and choose not communicate. They are entitled to their opinion and perhaps would change it if they considered all of the facts that I had to deal with and not just what they saw.

The only thing missing from yesterday's article was the photo, which I would like to share. It is of the core members of "Write on People". Others come and go, but these are the members who are usually there. They are from left to right Joyce Siegman, Mary Ann Montoya, Barbara Gunn and not pictured Joe Swanson.

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