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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ban the media

I have decided that we should ban the media from making any further comment about holidays, especially those that are traditionally family oriented. When one is alone for whatever reason during a major holiday it can conjure up all kinds of reasons why that is. Is the person so terrible that nobody wants to be seen in their company? Have they committed some unforgivable crime against humanity and especially their family members? The media does not help when it continually presents pictures and stories of love expressed by the "perfect" family. When one's family does not fit the description of what is supposed to be it is easy to take the blame. It must be me. What did I say what did I do to create such turmoil? There is so much being made today about forgiving, but what if one of the two people in a relationship is unable or unwilling to forgive no matter what? You can't make somebody do what they refuse to do, even when it is obvious that it would free them from a ton of negative energy. I don't have an answer, but I feel that the media hype about what is supposed to be normal for family holidays creates a lot of unnecessary pain for those who are alone and do not fit that picture. For me, I decided to celebrate Easter, a previously major family holiday, by staying in my snowman pj's all day. I am not cooking, except maybe tossing a Hungry Man TV dinner in the oven later. I guess I could get dressed and go to Subway, but I will make that decision without the aid of the media thank you. So far my plan is going good. Happy Easter everyone!

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