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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Message in a Glass Box

The other night I began watching the end of a Lifetime movie, which I had seen before. I don’t remember the title and it isn’t important. The story was about relationships between parents and their grown children and male/female partners. Two of the main characters were living together; a divorced man with a daughter and a divorced woman with a daughter. The two had very different ideas of how much freedom a parent should give their (grown) children to make their own decisions.

The man was a humble, down to earth farmer who believed “live and let live” is the best way to live. The woman reminded me of myself, let’s say 10 years ago. For her own reasons, she was a very controlling mother. Her daughter got pregnant at a young age and decided to marry the father of her baby, against her mother’s wishes. This also caused an enormous rift between the kind man and the controlling woman. She blamed him for everything that happened.

Fast forward to the end of the movie and the reason I believe I was destined to watch it again. The woman finally decided to leave the man. Her final words to him were, “I wish I had never met you”. That got my attention and my immediate reaction was, she didn’t get the message the man brought her.

I began thinking about my past relationships, especially with men. Even though some were pretty bad I have never been inclined to use the words, “I wish I had never met you.” I know that every person who comes into our life is there to bring us a message. Someone once reminded me it isn’t the messenger; it is the message- the lesson that is important.

The universe works in strange ways sometimes, even bringing an important message in a glass box, just to get our attention and show us how far we have come.


  1. I hear you, Barbara. I've not regretted any of the relationships I've had. Not all of them ended 'well', but I learned something from each of those women.

  2. I knew you could relate to my tale Jimbo, thanks!