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Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrating Freedom

Almost to the minute, 11 years ago a judge declared my marriage of 27 years legally ended. Am I sorry? Absolutely not! Looking back it is hard to believe the changes in me. I have grown from an unhappy wife who yelled most of the time to a very happy independent woman who does exactly what she pleases and values herself.

Over the years I have learned that I do not need to depend on a man to live my life. Generally speaking there is nothing wrong with male earthlings. I have just discovered that they are like the cherry on top of a delicious ice cream sundae. It tastes good, but is not the main ingredient.

So today as I think about the last 11 years I am very proud of myself. I owe no one anything. I have made great decisions that have kept my body, my house and my relationships in good shape and as the song goes- "I did it my way". Words from an Abraham/Hicks video I heard this morning pretty well sum it all up- "I am where I am and I am doing really good!"


  1. Good on ya, Barbara. It's a freedom hard earned but well deserved. My girlfriend felt the same way after her marriage ended.

    Then she met me.

    Having said that, I realise that a person's independence is precious and should never be taken away. Mary will always do her own thing, but she will still be there for me - and I for her.

  2. I appreciate your encouragement Jimbo. Mary is lucky to find a man who gives her space to be herself!

    Women in my age bracket grew up thinking they had to get married; they couldn't function without a man guiding them. It took me 40 years of being married to two different men to learn that is just wrong!!

    Now I believe I am ready for the "right" man to come along!

  3. I love your post Barbara. It's very encouraging.

    Happy 11th non-marriage anniversary to you :-)

    Lines of Beauty (Louise)

  4. Thanks Louise!!
    So guess I had better mark July 9 as my "non-marriage anniversary" on future calenders. Oddly that sounds very positive!!