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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The "Hogs" are Leaving

Whew! Grants, NM has survived another year of hosting the Fire and Ice Bike Rally. As a long time resident my thought is thank God it's over. Fortunately, I live slightly outside of town and if I use my brain and plan I can stay home and relax and not be bothered by the festivities.

The bike rally was the brain child of Cecil Brown 10 years ago. He convinced the town that it was a good thing and would bring in a ton of money. Well that is partly true if you happen to own a motel, a bar, a restaurant or space for camping. If, on the other hand, your business is located on the main street you might as well close and take a vacation for the four days of the rally. A place to park as well as any business you might have at the Post Office is impossible. Oh, and the Riverwalk, usually available for family fun, is off limits for the duration of the rally.

To be fair the Fire and Ice Bike Rally offers live entertainment, including the battle of the bands, and this year Molly Hatchet; a Poker Run, bike tours to local attractions, Baby Biker Contest, bike games and a bike show. Interested observers will also see biker babes of all ages, attired in leather, clutching a hairy dude riding an expensive "hog".

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