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Saturday, September 3, 2016

You can't take it with you

Your body that is.

Having just completed a pre-paid funeral policy I would like to encourage others to do the same. I realize that not everyone can afford to do that, but for those that can, do it. It isn't right for your family to take care of this. We are all going to leave our body behind at some point and I found it very freeing to have the matter under my control well in advance of that event.

I chose exactly what I wanted, which is cremation and the ashes scattered in Cibola County, New Mexico. I also appointed a very reliable person to make sure my wishes are carried out.

The other thing I would like to encourage others to do is write their own obituary. Who knows you better than you? I have had mine written for years and update it from time to time. Things change, people die and or are born for instance. What mattered yesterday may not be as important in a year or two.

I have one more suggestion and that is keep your records in one place and write a will, clearly stating what your wishes are. If it is simple you really do not need a lawyer, but it needs to be notarized, at least in New Mexico.

You can't take your body with you so if you take care of these few things while you are still attached to it you can concentrate on living and not end up being a burden to anyone.


  1. Great post, Barbara! And some good suggestions, too. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Lois I can always count on you! As a P.S. to the post, most mortuaries/crematoriums will provide a payment plan for pre-paid policies.