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Sunday, September 4, 2016

If you're looking for me

As a post script to my previous post I decided to share my thoughts on exactly where I would like my ashes to be scattered. I'm not sure anyone really cares. It has become apparent that most of my relatives don't. Seriously, if people don't care about you when your body is attached they sure won't care where the remains are.

For several years I have wanted the scattering of my ashes to take place at the Riverwalk. It is one of my favorite places in Grants. I checked out the laws and found if the property is owned by the State it requires a permit. The Riverwalk, being city owned,  may also need written permission of some kind. I suppose one could do the scattering at midnight or very early in the morning and nobody would notice, but it wouldn't allow for any kind of a private service and I would hate for someone to get in trouble with city authorities. So I reluctantly decided to scrap that idea, even though it was a good one.

Opening my eyes and checking out the neighborhood I located the spot that had been in front of my eyes all along. I see it every time I look out of my office window. Remember the saying, you can't see the forest for the trees? Well then, there it is, a spot that I have often used for grounding my spirit photos. That spot is the mesa right above my house and property containing my own little mountain.

Why didn't I think of that before? It isn't in the city and I really don't think the State of New Mexico would blink an eye if a private ceremony took place there. That part is not up to me. My son is in charge of the how.

After a conversation with him sharing my thoughts I believe the matter is settled.

If you're looking for me after my last event this is where I will be. See you around!


  1. Beautiful location, Barbara! Your ashes will be happy there ♡ When my little brother died right before his 40th birthday, his body was cremated and we scattered his cremains at sea, 3 miles off the end of the pier in the city near where we lived. Whenever I'm back in that area, I take a big bunch of flowers out to the end of the pier and, amidst all the fisher-people, I throw them into the water. It's been 20 years this year and I still do it whenever I can. -- Lois