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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time ran out

This post is meant as a tribute to my deceased daughter-in-law, Mary-Ellen. Her time on earth ran out in August 2010, three weeks before she was to become a first time grandmother. I know how much she looked forward to that new title and I am very sad that it didn’t happen.

I have also always felt bad that her family chose not to compose an obituary after her passing. She was a member of the community and also worked here. I think she deserved some recognition other than from her Native American family and their traditions. I wrote a tribute to her a couple of years ago but one of her twin daughters had a problem with what I wrote and threatened me. I deleted it to make her happy. She also warned me never to do it again.

Well my dear child your time has also run out. No one has the power to tell me what I can and cannot write. My suggestion to you is, if you have a problem with that do not read it. Simple!

Mary-Ellen was the ex-wife of my second son. After the divorce she moved to another state to begin a new life. My son had custody of their three children, but they spent time with her in the summer.

One day out of the blue she called me to ask for peace between us. Since I did not divorce her I saw no reason not to accept her request. Any problems between us were forgiven and over time we continued to strengthen our relationship. She eventually moved back to New Mexico because of her health issues and added,” to be close to my parents”. I am grateful that we had an opportunity to forgive and enjoy each others company before her death.

The point of my previous attempt at a tribute to Mary-Ellen was to point out that her main purpose while she lived was to be a mother to her children. It wasn’t always easy, but she did the best that she could. I am very sorry that those children (my oldest grandchildren) do not see things the way that I do. Perhaps they are just not mature enough to understand.

Time ran out for them, but not for me. Peace be with you Mary-Ellen wherever you are.

Something to keep in mind-


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