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Sunday, July 10, 2016

A day to celebrate oneness

Besides the birthday of my two felines,  today is the 17th anniversary of my divorce from my husband of 27 years. I look back and I think wow I have done good and I need to celebrate my life choices! I am free to do whatever I feel like doing. No strings!

Those 17 years have not always been smooth and I have often thought, "if only I had someone to help me", but the Universe always responded, "you can do it yourself". ...and I did!

I faced every challenge I was given. I survived health issues, relationship issues and financial issues and I came out on top. Yay for me!

Over the years many souls have been cut from my life because as the saying goes, If you aren't helping you are part of the problem. All of my life I have wondered just why I have felt alone, even in a crowd. Now I understand it was the Universe teaching me that I have more strength than I realize. It also taught me through trial and error to trust in my Creator and the angelic assistance that has always been there.

Today I do look back in awe and gratitude at my accomplishments and like a TV character of the past I ask, "Did I do that?"

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