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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fear is a terrible thing

For the last few weeks every time something terrible happens like a person or a group gets killed the media blows it out of proportion. It's really hard not to develop fear, but fear is a terrible thing.

Living in a small town in New Mexico it isn't likely that events would end up on the national news, but who knows, anything is possible, especially with the media's tendency to make sure the population knows every detail of what they consider news.

I grew up in the State of Washington where everything was not only green but pretty darn peaceful. The only thing I was afraid of was my family not having enough money to pay bills and buy food. At the time I didn't know we were actually considered poor. Not being able to afford things some of my peers had was just the way it was. We really never went hungry. When I was around six I survived major surgery, but I still was not afraid, even after hearing a nurse say I probably wouldn't survive.

When I was thirty five, with two young children, I survived my first divorce. I had only a high school education, but I  was not afraid. When I was fifty two I survived cancer with no fear. When I was sixty two I repeated the divorce experience and this time I was alone, after 27 years. I was still not afraid to face what the world offered.

Since 2001 when the twin towers were blown up fear has grown. My last grandchild was born in New York on 9/8/01 about 400 miles from the tragedy. In the last fifteen years it seems it has been one negative thing after another. The events/deaths over the last few weeks have been horrible and it doesn't seem that they will stop anytime soon.

During the 2013-2014 school year I was a recreational aide at our local family center. I was responsible for a dozen or two children who spent time in the computer lab. It was not unusual for me to imagine just what I would do if someone with a gun entered the building and decided to kill anything moving. The fear got worse because my grandson is still in school. With God's help he will graduate unharmed in 2020. 

With the Republican and Democratic conventions coming up I have a feeling that something horrific is going to happen. I hope not but if it does I'm sure the media will do their utmost to inform the public of every detail. 

Today I am wondering what can I as one person do to help? As I was posting things that came across my Facebook news feed I realized that the only thing I can do to help is be sure I am only sharing positive posts. I have decided I will not buy into the fear that is being spread around by anyone, because fear is a terrible thing.

As a step in the right direction I want to share this thought.


  1. I've often thought that people don't make decisions because they are afraid of the outcome. All my life, I have thought that making a decision is the most important thing we can do in any situation - don't over-think it, just make a decision. And if that decision turns out to be a crappy one, then just make another decision! Decisions are cheap, a dime a dozen - and they're everywhere :D

  2. Overthinking, that's my problem Lois. Working on it!