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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The voice continues

On a happier note I am still listening to the voice and as a result things happen that are often funny. A few nights ago we experienced a sudden and rather violent rain/hail storm. It caused some minor damage to a bathroom ceiling and the ceiling fan in the dinning room has been hanging at a particular angle ever since. I was in no rush to have it fixed because the place where it should be attached is still damp. FYI I am attaching a picture for evidence.

It actually appears worse than what it is as the fan is fine. I knew who I needed to call to take a look at the problem. Over time women who are divorced develop a list of dependable repair people who work "cheap".

Monday was a holiday and yesterday I had several errands to run so I hadn't contacted my man Mike P. This morning my little voice said this is the day to do that. I drove out to his place of employment and as I pulled into the parking lot I spotted Mike. I honked to get his attention. After a brief conversation he told me today is his last day because he and his wife are moving out of the area in the morning. He was just there to pick up his last paycheck.

Are you kidding me? No he wasn't! Being the dependable person he is he went inside of his place of employment and came out with a man I didn't know. Mike said, "Let me make this easy for you, his name is also Mike and he said he can help you."

If I hadn't listened to the nudge from the voice this morning I would have missed saying goodbye to the old Mike and never met the new Mike!

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