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Friday, May 1, 2015

Going fishing

First came the title- "going fishing"

Then came the picture- taken long ago.

Last but certainly not least, the story.

For some time I have been dealing with pain, not evident to most people that I meet with on a daily basis. One might say I am a good actress. I have even convinced myself that I am just fine. Right! That's a bunch of crap!

For over four years I have put up with physical pain in one form or the other. I have also dumped an enormous amount of money into the hands of people who were hired to fix what was wrong. Every one of them convinced me that they had the answer I was seeking. Oh really? I don't think so. If had back what I spent I would have no monetary worries at all. It is said we are supposed to learn from our experiences. Apparently I didn't or I wouldn't have continued to do the same things, expecting different results.

My latest lesson is my current chiropractor, Rose Ducasse. She came to town about four years ago and is now the only option we have in Grants, NM. She now has a captive audience, due to the retirement of other chiropractors, and I bought into her brand of healing. Not only is it not working after all this time, but every appointment I have she actually insults me by making sure I know just how bad she thinks my body is holding up to my 77 years on this planet. One of her favorite expressions is, "your body is calcified", whatever that is supposed to mean. Recently a Certified Nurse Practitioner said, under her breath, "what a quack"! Perhaps I should have listened a long time ago.

So I'm done with this person's abuse and I am moving on with a positive attitude to what I hope is a more informed and open minded form of help with a physical therapist.

As I just told a friend this morning, when the pond dries up it's time to look for a new fishing hole!

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