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Sunday, May 10, 2015


On this day set aside to honor mothers I have mixed feelings. My relationship with my mother was not a particularly good one. She died following a short illness in 1987. We did not have an opportunity for a last conversation as she was in a coma. I still regret not being able to say, "I love you".

Today only one of my three adult children and one of my four grandchildren choose to have a relationship with me. I apparently did not meet the expectations of those who deleted me from their lives. It's really a shame when people can't weigh positive intentions with negative ones and at least make an effort to have a relationship.

I can't do anything about the way my family reacts to me. That is their problem. I can only wish them well and continue to do my best, which is all anyone can do.

I did get a new microwave oven from my ONE son and a beautiful hanging basket of flowers from my ONE grandson.

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