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Thursday, February 27, 2014

From the spirit world

I recently had a slightly errie spirit experience that succeeded in capturing my attention.

I had worked very hard crocheting a frilly scarf for a friend who is in a nursing home in Texas. When I began making it I had no idea who it was for, but as I wrapped it up I knew where it was going. This friend is very special and if I had been given a sister it would be her. She is funny, creative and loves to write.

After finishing my project I found an appropriate container and took it to the post office to mail to my friend. As I reached the door to exit a lady was on the other side preparing to enter the building. I took one look at the woman, who also looked directly at me, and I had difficulty breathing. She looked exactly like my deceased grandmother, who had died in 1984. The vision caused goose bumps that return when I think about the experience.

Why in the world would my grandmother be sending me a message I wondered. She and I always had a special relationship. When things like this happen there is always a reason.

I thought back to the few months before she died and vividly remembered that I had crocheted a shawl for her, which she proudly wore. It was yellow with white fringe.

As I know there are no coincindences, perhaps her spirit was simply acknowledging my generousity by appearing at the post office door.

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