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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dust bunnies the great teacher

How many of you have heard the quote, "there's either someone coming or going" when seeing dust bunnies under the bed? Of course, this is in reference to the biblical quote "to dust we shall return".

Dust bunnies can be a reminder of all those souls that have come and gone during our lifetime. How easy it is to dwell upon those that have left either by death or their own choosing. Very few souls are meant to stick around forever. Perhaps if we spent more time thinking about the lessons we have learned from past relationships we would live happier lives.

Today I am thinking more about the souls who are still a part of my life and apparently have not finished their reason for being there. We all learn and we all teach, it's just part of the game of life. Even when we leave this place called earth a small portion of our being stays here; alive in the memories of those we have touched.

I wouldn't mind being a dust bunny someday if it would help teach a lesson to someone left behind.

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