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Friday, February 7, 2014

Teacher teacher

When I think about the word teacher it brings to my mind a variety of aspects. What started this train of thought was that a few of the younger children who participate in the after school program at Future Foundations Family Center sometimes get my attention by saying, "teacher teacher". It makes me laugh every time I hear this.

When I began my part time job last September I referred to myself as a supervisor. That was until I checked out the new web site for Futures and discovered that I am a "recreational aide". Who knew?

The word teacher is an interesting word. It once got me into a whole lot of trouble with certified teachers in our town because of something I wrote in the introduction of my first self-published offering, Spirit With a Positive Attitude. It was, "like any other, this town is made up of teachers, most of them do not have a degree, but have taught since birth".

I believe that every living person is a teacher from the moment they take their first breath and possibly even before.

My current job is certainly teaching me that teachers come in all sizes and ages. Just a few days ago I was taught a lesson I apparently still have not completely learned by a girl, probably 8 or 9 years old. She was causing a little bit of drama with another girl and I made a comment that upset her to the point that she ran crying from the room. I later apologized to her and yesterday I am grateful that we were given an opportunity to clear the air. My lesson, you might ask? Mind your own business and let people take care of their own problems.

When I think of teachers I have an outstanding memory that will always be embedded in my mind of a little boy who was terminally ill and knew he was dying. His only question was, "Have I done enough?"

Now as my life begins to wind down to the final chapters I ask myself that same question. Have I used every opportunity to share/teach what I have learned to help others grow?

Nobody needs a degree to be called- teacher teacher.

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